Don’t get easily attached to someone you’ve just seen each passing day. To someone whom made you feel that you’re important and fun to be with. Be stout enough to neglect the chances of longing and missing them. Be invincible as long as you can. Because there will be a moment that they will leave you and depart from your life and you’ll realize that they’ve took a part from you that you’ll never get back again even though you didn’t meant to give it away.
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I Still Think About Who I Was Last Summer (acoustic) | Old Gray

Well I’ve changed 
except my heart still beats too fast
and my lungs still collapse
and my legs still shake.

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you’re beautiful

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Kids in Love

Twenty year old Olivia Bee is a self-taught photographer and director based in Brooklyn, New York. She’s shot assignments for The New York Times and VICE as well as campaigns for Hermès, in which she cast herself as one of the models. She was fifteen years old when she shot her first advertising campaign—for Converse. Her work features her friends, doing what teenagers and young adults do, but in a well-composed, beautiful way. 

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Never run back to what broke you.
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Nobody will ever love you as much as an artist can. On your worst days, they will find poetry in the knots of your hair.
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